do you ever get so obsessed with a game that you start playing it in your head before you sleep


what’s the point of being a fan if you’re not a critical one? what’s the point of absorbing media without the intention of analyzing it? i don’t understand why some people wholeheartedly defend their faves’ flaws and shortcomings, when pointing out and not supporting your faves’ problematic aspects DOES NOT MAKE YOU ANY LESS OF A FAN BUT MAKES YOU AN ENGAGED AND AWARE CONSUMER

One Direction - Steal My Girl (4 days to go)

I can- I can take care of him, okay? Let me take care of him until he’s better. […] We’re taking care of him here. You, me, us. He’s fucking family. […] He’s not going to some fucking nuthouse, you hear me? He stays here. He’s staying with me.


Last Week Tonight’s Dog Supreme Court.

behind the scenes vs music video

Karla Souza on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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